Q. First things first...what do I wear?
A. You’ve got your priorities straight, friend! We’re asking that all of our guests dress up in red, black, white, gold, or any combination thereof. As you may have noticed, we really like dressing up in costumes, so we originally wanted a costume party wedding. Eventually we decided that we didn’t want to make our guests dress up if it would make them feel uncomfortable, so we went with the next best thing, asking everyone to dress up in the same colors. We figured we would choose colors that would likely already be in your closet so our guests wouldn’t have to purchase new clothes if they didn’t want to (boys can wear black suits or shirts with red or gold ties and the ladies can pull out their little black dress or a hot red number). Plus, it will look great in the photos!

Also, another thing to take note is that the ground at Hakone is covered in gravel, so no stilettos for the ladies. :)

Q. What’s the weather like in Saratoga in September?
A. Good question! The Bay Area is famous for its Indian summers, so it should be pretty nice in Saratoga around this time. Check out weather.com for more detailed info. For guests coming from warmer climates (ahem, San Diego), it might be a good idea to bring a jacket for the evening portion of our festivities, since the reception will be outdoors.

Q. Where are you guys registered?
A. This is always a little weird, isn’t it? Since you asked, we’ve registered over at Zinc Details, Velocity Art and Design, and Williams-Sonoma.

Q. Who are your fantastic vendors?
A. We love them too! Our wedding and engagement photos are shot by Jennifer Kloss. Our 9-course Chinese banquet is provided for us by the always delicious China Stix. And Hope’s hair will be done by her very favoritest stylist, Jayne over at Edo Salon in the lower Haight.

Q. What’s a Chinese wedding banquet, anyway?
A. It is traditional in a Chinese wedding to eat a large feast, usually 8 courses plus dessert, with dishes like duck, crab, and seafood. We serve 8 dishes because the number 8 in Chinese sounds like “good luck”. Many courses have meaning in terms of balance, harmony etc (for example, noodles are served in order to represent longevity). For those of you that know Hope and Jeremy, you know they like to eat. Not only did we love the idea of honoring Hope’s cultural heritage, we also liked the fact that there would be so much delicious food!

Q. So, I heard that most Chinese brides change dresses 3 or 4 times. Are you going to do that, Hope?
A. You heard right! For those of you who know Hope, you know that she never turns down an outfit change, but she doesn’t want to spend the whole wedding changing, either. So, Jeremy and Hope will both be changing into traditional Chinese dress in order to honor Hope’s cultural heritage.